"This children’s book contains 14 stories that were told to me by my Dada, which means grandfather in my language. These stories are from his childhood in India which were told to him over 70 years ago. He still remembers them like it was yesterday. When my Dada and I would go for our evening walks, I would be excited to hear his stories which included animals that have to solve a problem by finding a clever solution. At the end of the story, I would summarize it and find the moral of the story. These morals have taught me different types of lessons and have helped me learn what is right from what is wrong. We hope that this collection of stories will be read by generations of children and have the same effect on them as it had on me." 

                                       - Avan Shah

       Walks with my Dada

Enjoy this compilation of short stories which has been passed on generation to generation and written in the words of Avan Shah and his grandfather, Dinesh Shah.  

Charitable Mission

All proceeds from book sales will be donated to North South Foundation. This mission of this charity is to raise funds to help provide academic scholarships to deserving underprivileged students in India. Help support a great cause and enjoy all of the folk tales, morals and illustrations this book has to offer. Enjoy reading with your children or grandchildren or send them a gift they will always treasure and never forget.